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Welcome to the National Energy Technology Laboratory - Institute for Advanced Energy Solutions (NETL-IAES). The NETL-IAES has been formed as a partnership between the US-DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Carnegie Mellon University(CMU), the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) and the West Virginia University (WVU).The following pages provide a detailed overview of the Institute's objectives, its research programs, personnel, achievements, facilities and energy-related activities.The objective of the NETL-IAES is to foster a research and development program thatleads the evolution of the US and global energy infrastructure into a sustainable andsecure enterprise that will underpin human civilization on Earth into the unforeseeablefuture. The research and programs of the NETL-IAES have been developed to addressthe following needs and principles:

  • Fossil fuel derived energy must be used effective, efficiently, and responsibly over the coming decade as a platform that underpins the development of a sustainable energy infrastructure for future generations.
  • The development of energy technologies that meet the full range of current and future human needs will require research efforts across the entire span of scientific understanding; from molecules to megawatts.
  • The urgency of societal need for energy requires the development of accelerated approaches to scientific discovery, systems optimization and engineering implementation.

The NETL-IAES has been formed as a partnership between NETL, CMU, Pitt and WVU. Over the period 2005-2006 the NETL provided ~$10M in funding for energy related research activities at all three institutions through its support contract with Research & Development Solutions, Inc. (RDS). In 2007, the three universities formed the CPW Corp., LLC as an entity to foster collaboration between their faculties and to serve as the focal point for their collective initiatives in all aspects of energy research. The NETL-IAES has evolved from these activities into an NETL-based research institute with a core staff of ~25 faculty members and ~100 PhD students and postdocs and funding of ~$12M /yr. An additional ~50 faculty members and their students collaborate with NETL-IAES faculty or directly with NETL research scientists based at the different NETL laboratory sites at Pittsburgh, PA; Morgantown, WV; Albany, OR; and Fairbanks, AK. All university personnel involved in its research programs will have a direct affiliation to the NETL through the IAES.Please familiarize yourself with the members and the programs of the NETL-IAES as described on the following pages. We wish to explore all opportunities for growth of the NETL-IAES research programs and their expansion into new fields. This research portfolio is the platform for the broader research agenda that must be developed to lead the way to the indefinitely sustainable energy infrastructure that can support US energy needs while also addressing environmental concerns and the global needs of human civilization into the indefinite future.

Andrew Gellman

Andy Gellman Consortium co-Director NETL-IAES 412.268.3848